AAH also utilizes hypnotherapy for certain individuals and conditions. Dr. Douglas may recommend hypnotherapy for weight loss, anxiety control, pain management and other conditions to supplement ongoing medical treatments.

The hypnotherapy is provided by Jeanie Douglas, MA. Ms. Douglas has professionally practiced hypnotherapy since 1997, with a background in career counseling, personal coaching, and corporate management and training. She is certified by the National Guild of Hypnotists and by the Wellness Institute in Heart-Centered Hypnotherapies. A combination of traditional hypnosis, NLP, Ericksonian techniques, together with TA and Gestalt approaches are engaged as necessary to insure success in each 90-minute session. Therapies are rendered with a strong dose of compassion and professionalism that emphasizes sensitivity and the comfort of the client.

Hypnotherapy Applications

  • Stress, Anger and Anxiety Relief
  • Pain Management
  • Emotional – Physical Balancing
  • Regression to On-set of Pain
  • Smoking Cessation
  • Eating Disorders
  • Corrective Weight Management
  • Phobias

How Hypnosis Works

Hypnosis is a method of relaxation and concentration that provides access to a unique state of consciousness. In a deep state of relaxation the sub-conscious mind is able to access long-term memory, emotions and feelings, habit patterns, addictions, involuntary bodily functions and creativity. This state is characterized by increased primary process thinking and suggestibility. Hypnotherapy not only utilizes the heightened acceptance of positive suggestions, but accesses subtle and sometimes unknown causes for physical conditions and behavior patterns. Once identified, the therapist is able to assist in reprogramming the positive suggestions that the client seeks to achieve with an exceptionally high rate of success and speed.

Breathe Therapy and Subtle Body Energy Work

Conscious connected breathing integrates one’s effective, somatic, and spiritual experiences with emotional healing. Clients develop new techniques of breathing and learn to practice the technique until it develops as an automatic response. This facilitates the healing process and helps in moving the energy within the body. The subtle body energy work assists clients in working with and healing the causes of emotional and physical imbalances where they first manifest in the energy field.

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